Is Your Roof Showing Signs of Wear?

Keep our team in mind for emergency roof repairs in Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood & Grass Valley, CA.

When you need emergency roof repair services, look no further than Frye Roofing. We'll respond to your call, then send help to your location. We'll fix common problems, like a recurring leak or damage from a storm, so you don't have to worry about minor problems turning into major issues.

Call now to schedule your emergency roof repair in Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood & Grass Valley, CA.

Protect your home or office from severe water damage

If you notice stains on your walls from water damage or leaks coming from your roof, then it's time to schedule a roof leak repair. It's important to arrange this service at the first sign of leakage to prevent:

  • Mold or mildew
  • Water damage on your floors or walls
  • Chipped or faded paint from exposure to water
We offer quality roof leak repair services at an affordable rate. Contact our team now to set up your service in Penn Valley or Smartsville, CA.

Get your roof in tiptop shape

It can be hard to tell whether your roof needs emergency roof repair services or is just showing signs of normal wear and tear. Fortunately, our team in Smartsville and Penn Valley, CA is here to help you spot the difference. You should notify us immediately if you notice:

  • Leaks in the attic
  • Sagging rooflines
  • Higher energy bills
  • Granules in the gutters
  • Sunlight inside your attic
  • Stains on interior ceilings or walls
  • Blistering or peeling exterior paint
  • Dark, dirty, curled, cracked or absent shingles
Once we assess your roof, we'll create a plan of action and make the repairs on the spot. You can trust that your roof is in good hands with us. Reach out to us today to arrange for roof leak repair services.

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